UNIJIN 1/4" or 3/8" BSPT General Service Pressure Gauge (P110(A)) - 2" , 2.5" , 4" Diameter
Brand Unijin
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UNIJIN Pressure Gauge

P110 model are designed for non-corrosive environment. Water, air, oil or gas services are the most common applications which do not have high viscosity and do not crystallize. Its suitable for pneumatic, filters, pressure regulators, hydraulic, compressors and etc

Dial Size
2", 2.5", 4"

Mounting Type
A: Direct bottom connection

(Various - Refer Variation List)
0-2kgf/cm2/psi (0 - 30PSI)
0-4kgf/cm2/psi (0 - 60PSI)
0-7kgf/cm2/psi (0 - 100PSI)
0-10kgf/cm2/psi (0 - 150PSI)
0-15kgf/cm2/psi (0 - 200PSI)
0-20kgf/cm2/psi (0- 300PSI) - PRE ORDER REQUIRED. Will take 2-3days to ship out.

* Please select the pressure gauge based on kgf/cm2. The PSI Indicator in the pressure gauge will have slight different for different diameter size.
For Example:-
For 0-15kgf/cm2/psi ,
- 2" diameter will shows up to 210PSI
- 4" diameter will shows up to 200PSI

Connection Type
1/4 BSPT (for Dial: 2" and 2.5")
3/8" BSPT (for Dial: 4")