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Weight: 100g & 500g

A premium quality, clear color, medium strength adhesive formulated for PVC and uPVC fitting and pipes bonding applications. It is easy-to-use, fast setting and offers superior bonding strength.

PVC Solvent Cement is ideal for bonding PVC and uPVC fitting and pipes. The solvent breaks down the top layers of the PVC. The PVC resin then fills the gaps to cement the two PVC pieces together. It is fast setting, safe for drinking water and offers superior bonding strength.

> Superior Adhesion
> Easy to use
> Fast Setting
> Waterproof Bonding
> High Quality Performances

Premium quality solvent cement for bonding PVC and uPVC pipes and fittings.

Superior Adhesion
Fast Setting
Waterproof Bonding 
Nett Weight: 500g
Country of origin: Japan

Rubber Flexible Joint - 2” Union Flexible Joint c/w Union Coupling
Size: 2” (50mm)

Rubber Expansion Joint : Union Thread TU Series

Product Detail:
The TU SERIES Double Sphere Union has threaded union ends for connecting pipes and equipment.
Double Sphere Unions are used for connecting pipes and equipment where threaded union ends are preferred. They are made of EPDM, Neoprene or NBR are resistant to ozone and aging. They also accommodate thermal movement and misalignment. TU also designed for supply/distribution pipeline service or to connect piping to specific equipment application such as: pumps, Chillers, Cooling, Cooling Towers, Compressors, Blowers, Fans Absorption Machines, and Air condition fan coil.

Package include:
1pcs x 2" Union Flexible Joint